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Beautiful events.... a unique part of Mongolia, its culture and folklore

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Individual components or the full package?

  • Mongolian village (360° & 180° Ger/Yurt facillities) including hostesses/hosts

  • Art, exhibition, show (with or without selling possibilities)

  • Dancing groups

  • Orchestra with music and singers (overtone & throat singing)  video 1  and  video 2  

  • Fashion show, traditional and modern (with or without catwalk and selling possibilities)

  • Artists, circus and action

  • Local and traditional sport activities

  • Typical food and beverages

Prices, quotes & offers  request  

  • Because of the unique tailor made and flexible concept all prices, quotes and offers are available on  request  only

Tailor made & flexible combinations

  • Half day (minimum), midweek or weekend

  • Full day, midweek or weekend

  • Full weekend, several midweek days or a combination of both

  • Sequential or in different periods

What we can.... what we do

  • We operate and work all over Europe

  • For all kind of small, medium, big and very big events, indoor and outdoor

  • Only with original, professional and semi-professional Mongolian teams, the highest quality and best materials

Below pictures of our team, Mongolian folklore, music, dance, fashion, culture, art & tradition
  •  Modern fashion

mn_model_1  mn_model_2  mn_model_3  mn_model_4  mn_model_5

mn_model_6  mn_model_7  mn_model_8  mn_model_9  mn_model_10


  • Traditional fashion







  • Artists







  • Folklore music & dancing groups









  • Sport activities





  • Art








  • Our villages, 360° & 180° Ger or Yurts and a few pictures of our activities











 Beautiful Mongolia welcomes you !

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